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31 August 2005 @ 03:53 pm
Escape from the Head Cube podcast is online!  
Title says it all really, but that won't stop me wittering on for a few paragraphs.

Escape from the Head Cube podcast

I've spent a large chunk of today writing scripts so that it's as easy as possible for me to update it -- I just have to hit record for a bit and then type a couple of commands into a console and it's done, so expect a new entry every time a new sound originates from my computer. I'm hoping to make it at least a weekly thing. Most likely I'll also be updating this blog with explanations of what you're hearing.

The first entry, Beebadger 31/08/05, is there as a snapshot of where I'm at now, and to get me over my irrational fear of actually pressing record. It includes distorted breakbeat cutting, filter sweeping, modified feedback delay lines and note triggering from the fire buttons. As with all the stuff I'm doing at the moment there's absolutely nothing that isn't being triggered and controlled live from the joysticks, so I could play the same thing again and get a similar sounding track but with a completely different song structure and in places a completely different beat.

Working on this stuff is great fun, as it's a weird combination between composition, coding, production and learning to play a musical instrument: first I have to come up with a musical idea that can be controlled expressively with the joysticks, then implement it in SuperCollider, and then learn to play it on the joysticks, which can either be really easy or really hard, depending on what the idea is and what I'm trying to do with it -- and all the while I have to be aware of how it will fit in with other sounds that may be playing at the same time.

This podcast isn't about producing perfect tracks, it's about keeping a record of what I'm doing and how it sounds (and if I'm really lucky, perhaps getting a little feedback along the way). What you hear is a single, unmastered take, complete with any mistakes, glitches and not-so-good-bits that happen to find their way in (there's quite a few of those in Beebadger 31/08/05). Since each entry is just a snapshot of how I sound at a given moment in time I'm including the date on which the entry was recorded (in the British dd/mm/yy format) as part of the name of each track.

Oh yeah -- if there's anyone out there who actually tunes in and listens to this stuff, let me know! Also you might want to sign up with last.fm and install the Audioscrobbler plugin. That way you'll get a great way to keep track of the music you listen to and find new stuff you'll like, and I'll get a kick out of watching Escape from the Head Cube's popularity grow inexorably higher.
Keith Lardkeithlard on August 31st, 2005 07:31 pm (UTC)
I like that a lot! That's some pretty fucked-up shit, my friend :D

Can I use some of your output as input?
Nathanielheadcube on August 31st, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you, and you sure can, I'd dig that a lot. Just give me a mention when you do, and maybe a link back here or to headcube.vootrunner.com.